Thursday, May 6, 2010

9 Happy, Wonderful Years

So sad I've been slacking on updating my blog.
Yesterday May 5th, aka Cinco de Mayo was my 9th wedding anniversary.
I remember the day I married Kevin.
I was 19, totally head over heels in love.
I was nervous, giddy, excited, nervous, happy, emotional and did I mention nervous.
I hate being the center of attention.
But my wedding day was all about me and I kind of liked that.
Kevin and I were dating since my junior year of high school and 2 years later we were married.
We've had our ups and downs, flips and somersaults but without lots of prayer we wouldn't be where we are today.
We both have jobs, a house we own, cars to drive, food on the table and clothes on our back.
The only thing missing is children. But I know someday, somehow that will happen. I always said when God is ready to give me children, he will make it happen. I have faith!
I am more in love with him today than the day we walked down that aisle together.
Everyone told us getting married so young, we wouldn't last. Well right about now I want to ya! Haha....
We celebrated last night by going out to an awesome dinner and just loved being together.
Next year is our 10th anniversary and I plan on making it huge. Well I hope to at least renew our vows and have another great party like our 1st wedding.