Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Exciting News...

Well it's not what your thinking of but it's still exciting.
Next year Kevin and I will be celebrating 10 yrs of marriage.
Holy Cow!
And if you know us, we are just as surprised as everyone else. Just kidding. But seriously we never would have thought we would make it that far.
And to be honest I love rubbing it in people's faces that told us we will never make it.
Especially since we got married at 19.
So to celebrate and since we never went on a honeymoon, I booked us a fabulous trip.
5 nights, 6 days at this awesome resort!
I am so excited....and just counting down!

And a couple of weekends ago I went to the local university because they were having fan day.
My college football phenomenon started a few yrs ago when my dad and I started going to games together.
And now it's become an annual thing-just the 2 of us until last year Kevin joined us and he had a blast.
So a few weekends ago we attended fan day where we could walk on the field, meet the players and so on. But the lines were to long to meet the players so we just walked the field.
You can check out my photos here.

And last but not least.
I've been doing my weight loss challenge and since I'm taking that fabulous vacation in less than 9 mths I need to get in shape.
So since doing my diet I've lost 2.1 lbs going on 3 wks now.
I'm going to the gym a lot more and following Weight Watchers.
It's been a little rough but nothing I can't handle.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Oh man...time flies when your having fun.
Well I last posted that I was going to be doing a weight loss challenge and man let me tell you doing it by yourself is very hard. You try to inspire yourself but it's very difficult. So I talked to some girls I work with and were doing it together. Having a little friendly competition. We are starting on Tuesday of next week, we are weighing each other at work so no one cheats. I really don't mind having other people see what I weigh as long as it's the girls and not the guys. So we are going to lock the scale as well as our weights up so no one sees them. And we are doing this for 8 wks. I have a wedding to attend to Labor Day weekend and I want to look good....what else can a girl ask for ;)

Kevin and I are going to try date nights again to help us in our relationship. Everything's going great but we need to get out of this house. I've been working full time as well as my photography full time, things have quieted down a bit on that front but I'm still busy. Thankfully I'm finishing up a wedding now and don't have any sessions planned until another wedding in October. So we should have some free time together, which we need :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!