Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trying to Understand...

Trying to understand why things work the way they do...
Their are people out there who have kids and don't take care of them
People who don't want kids and get pregnant
And there's people like me who really, really want kids and can't get pregnant
We've been actively trying for almost 6 years now and nothing
I had problems, got them fixed then recently found out hubby has problems and just last month got them fixed
Doctor said 2/3 of his patients that had this surgery end up getting pregnant
Reading forums and discussions online people have said they have gotten pregnant 2-3 mths after their spouse had this surgery
Well its just been 1 mth and like any other woman who is actively trying to get pregnant and nothing has happened yet needless to say I am devastated
I know its only been a month but I was hoping it was my month
Hubby just tells me we will keep trying and don't give up
I don't want to give up but its so hard to keep seeing that negative sign on the test
But its now a new month and I need to keep my head high and pray that everything will be ok and one day I will finally become a mother