Friday, March 30, 2012

The dreaded two week wait...

This dreaded two week wait sucks...
I had my IUI on Monday March 26th. She had a hard time at first but everything went great.
I took the day off work and came home and made myself do bed rest. I laid in bed read the first book of Hunger games and took a nap and watched tv. It was great.
I've been doing everything in my power to not stress about everything. Taking it easy at work and at home.
On Tuesday the day after my IUI my ovaries were hurting a little bit.
On Wednesday I starting getting cramping in my stomach like period cramps but more like pressure. The cramping hasn't stopped, hoping that's a good sign. I talked to the nurse at the doctor's office today and told her about it and I told her not sure if it was because of the trigger shot I did or if it's from the IUI or if it's a good sign but I'm trying not to look to much into it.
I go in tomorrow for my progesterone level to make sure I ovulated.

Thursday the 29th we celebrated Kevin's birthday. He turned the big 31 :)
I went after work and bought some steaks, potatoes and rolls. I also bought a Dairy Queen ice cream cake and made it home before him and threw it in the freezer. We had dinner and after dinner surprised him with the cake, it was great. It was a great day for him and I'm glad I can be a part of it with him.
Going through all this infertility problems it's nice to know my husband is there for me and supports me in every way possible and is there when I need a shoulder to cry on. And lately it's been a lot. All these medicines I'm on is making me very hormonal and emotional and cry for no reason.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is our month...

I went Wednesday for my cd13 ultrasound and it showed I had 2 follicles 1 on each.side measuring at 10mm each. Here we go again or so I thought. Same thing happened last month. I was getting ready to brace myself and I asked the ultrasound tech what she thought. She said it looked better than last month so I was a little relieved. The nurse called me later that day and said to come in Friday for another ultrasound to see if they are growing. On Friday morning I went to my appt and things are going my way, the follicle on my left grew to 16. Are you kidding me? Their supposed to grow 2mm a day but that's more than that if they were 10 on Wednesday and now 16. So I had to make another appt on Saturday and if they grew to 18 then I will have iui on Monday. So I went in this morning and can you believe it, it grew to 18.5...woo hoo! I gave never been so happy. Kevin came with me this morning and when she told me that I gave him 2 thumbs up haha. She said do my trigger shot of ovidrel Saturday night and come in Monday morning for iui.

I've been doing tons of research these past few months and I found some interesting articles on eating pineapple starting the day of your iui. You cut the pineapple in 5 pieces and eat only the core, not the meat. Too much meat of the pineapple can make you have a miscarriage. The core of the pineapple helps with implantation. Its the bromelain in the pineapple. So it won't hurry to try it. I'll eat 5 pieces for 5 days starting Monday. You can also do this for ivf. So I will be taking it easy these next few days. Monday after my iui my plan is to lay in bed and watch TV and movies all day :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If all goes well....

then I will be having my 2nd IUI next weekend...
yesterday's appt went great. They increased my clomid to 100mg, so thankful!
I go in on the 21st for my cd13 ultrasound to check follicles.
I am praying, praying, praying this is our month.

This weekend we had the house to ourselves. We have 3 extra ppl staying with us so the house gets a little crowded. My dad lives with us full time, his friend has been staying with us on and off and during the week Kevin's cousin stays with us to go to work. But this past weekend it was just Kevin and I and we both needed that. We went out to dinner Friday night, Saturday night we went to Dave and Buster's with the fam to play games and then we went out to dinner again. Sunday it was actually 60 degrees and he went riding on the motorcycle while I stayed back and did some paint touch ups around the house. I did a little spring cleaning, it felt great.

I am a huge fan of pinterest (if your on there let me know and I'll look you up) and I found this on there and wanted to share it. I want to get this printed and framed and put in my bedroom :)

Friday, March 9, 2012


I have never been so relieved in my life. My period finally started this morning. I called right away and made a doctor's appt for my cycle day 3 and unfortunately they are closed on Sunday so I had to schedule it for Monday morning. I am hoping they increase my clomid this time too.

I have one week left of school and this also makes me happy. This weekend I will be finishing final projects and studying for my accounting exam. Accounting is so hard and I can't wait for this class to be over with. I will have to take Accounting II but I am going to wait a while for that. Starting next semester I am taking online classes and there are a few pros and cons about online.
I only take 1 class for 6 weeks then my second class for the next 6 weeks.
I won't have to drive to campus anymore.

I have to get online everyday and put in my input under the discussions board.
And its only 6 wks compared to 10 wks on campus.

I really need a break I can't wait for next Wednesday to come :)

Have a great weekend! I know I will, I'm doing fun stuff this wknd can't wait to share how that goes and my appt on Monday!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I went to the doctor and had a blood test and it was negative. They gave me Provera to take for 5 days and that should help jump start my period. I took my last pill on Saturday which was exactly 2 weeks late. Now I'm just waiting for my period to start. Whether your trying to conceive or waiting for your period, there's always the waiting game...ugh!

I have one week left of school and I'm dieing over here. Finals, tests, projects, presentations and studying. I cannot wait for school to be over with. I will have a week and a half of vacation then back to school. Thankfully next semester I am taking online classes so we'll see how that goes!