Tuesday, August 28, 2012

19 Weeks....

So I went to the dr last week to find out what you are but guess what...the ultrasound tech couldn't tell! AAAHHHHHH! Oh well! So when we go back next month for our regular check up we'll check again. At first she said girl but then she said boy then she said she couldn't tell. Her first instinct was girl so I am secretly hoping it's a girl. But as long as you are healthy I will be happy! Your heartbeat was 153 which was awesome. You were moving and shaking in front of all of us. You are 10 oz. I wanted to go register for the baby shower but since we don't know what you are, we decided to wait. You are making me very hungry all the time, so I'm trying to eat good but all I'm craving are sweets. So I try to eat them in moderation.

Our neighbor told me the other day I was having a girl. She said because I'm carrying high and I got big really quick. So then she made me homemade donuts, which were outstanding. I'll have to get the recipe. They are very sweet to your daddy and I. It's nice to have good neighbors. The neighbors on the other side are keeping mommy up at night with their dog. They chain it up at night and leave it outside all night long and sits there and whines and cries all night. We've tried everything to get them to keep the dog in the house but they just won't listen. They better hope by the time you come they get this taken care of.

Daddy and I leave for vacation on Labor Day September 3 and we are excited to have one last little vacation before you get here. We rented a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. I can't wait for you to have your first vacation with us :) Next year the family is already thinking about going to Myrtle Beach to see your aunt and uncle who will be home from Poland. You will be 6 mths old by then, but we'll worry about that next year.

Have a great week and safe Labor Day!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dearest Baby Y...

Dear baby, I just wanted to tell you that you make mommy and daddy so happy. We are patiently awaiting your arrival, even though it's not for another 4 1/2 mths. We are excited for next week to find out if your a boy or girl so we can stop calling you it :) I've had several people tell me they are thinking your a boy so I guess we'll have to wait and see. We've started planning the baby shower and I'm really excited. I can't wait for everyone to show you their love. I know the family is dying to meet you. You've been a long time coming to us and we couldn't be happier. I hope your warm and snuggly in my belly, I have a feeling you are as you haven't stopped moving. This is also the week you are able to hear voices so I talk to you a lot. I try to make sure no negative people around me as I don't want you to hear any of that. We haven't met you and already love you to pieces... Love your mom and dad

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

18 Weeks...almost halfway!

I can't believe I'm 18 weeks already. Just feels like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant.
This week baby is the size of a sweet potato. Measuring 5.6 inches and 6.7 oz.
I can't feel baby moving quite yet but definitely feeling flutters. I'm feeling those a lot more now than last week. Actually feeling them at this exact moment and it's the best feeling. Makes me smile. Everytime I feel something I stop what I'm doing and put my hand on my belly and enjoy the moment.
And I'm excited that a week from today I get to find out what baby Young is. And of course I will announce it to the world :) well once I tell my family first!

Still really no cravings, which is good. I'm gaining more weight which is good for baby but bad for me.
I need to start exercising but been so tired lately it's hard. Plus I'm back in school starting September so I won't have time for anything but work and homework.

We leave for vacation in 3 weeks and I can't wait. I really need a vacation. Can't wait for rest and relaxation :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

16 Weeks...

Wow, where to begin.
I have never imagined to be at this place where I am now.
I am now almost 17 weeks pregnant and getting bigger by the day.
I actually look pregnant and not fat.
When I finally feel comfortable to post belly pics I will but as of right now I will wait.
We find out in 3 weeks what we are having and oh so excited.
And a month from today we leave for vacation. Our last vacation before baby comes.
We are spending 5 days in a chalet in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. And another thing we are oh so excited and grateful for.
We are slowly planning the baby shower and with the holidays in November and December we are planning on having it early November.

Our fridge died last week and it's only 2 years old. So I tried calling every repairman possible and they were booked for days and I couldn't go that long without a fridge so we had no choice but to go out and buy a new one.

A week ago today I was leaving work and heard sirens and saw cops driving eastbound on the street so I waited for them to pass so I could go westbound. As I was looking in my rearview mirror I noticed the cop doing a u-turn in the middle of the street and coming my way. I didn't think anything of it until I got to the intersection and noticed cops everywhere and a car speeding past me so fast I knew what was about to happen. North and Southbound traffic had the green light and of course the light that the speeding car was going towards was red, you know what happens next. The car slammed into 2 cars and they both went spinning out of control. The one car had a mother and small baby inside of it and my heart dropped. I instantly started crying and prayed for everyone to be safe. The mother grabbed the baby out of the car seat right away and stepped away from the car. You could see that she was crying and just holding the baby. The cop ran over to her and grabbed her and placed her in the car that was not more than 5 feet from my car, so I rolled down the window and asked if I could call someone for her and the cop told me they would take care of it. I couldn't see the other car as it was on the other side of the street and to many cop cars and ambulances in the way. I watched in horror as these events were going on but yet the cops were still driving up and down the street and I was realized the getaway car took off. They finally caught the 3 men they were looking for. Supposedly they robbed a gas station not more than a mile from my work and had 2 handguns and 2 tasers. I was so shooken up and waiting in traffic and thankfully my nerves calmed down. I can't believe what I just witnessed. It seemed like a scene out of "Cops" on tv but yet it was right in front of me. I couldn't wait to get home and hug the ones I loved. I had nightmares that night and thankfully it was only for one night. I just hope everyone is wearing their seatbelts because you never know when someone is going to come at you like that and slam into your car.