Thursday, November 29, 2012

32/33 Weeks....

I have yet to decide what to name this post. I guess I'll think about that when I'm done writing.

There has been a lot going on lately and I know there will be a lot going on within the next month or so.

First off today I am officially 33 weeks.
Last Wednesday we took off for 4 days up north. Hubby went hunting with my dad while I stayed and relaxed in the hotel. My step mom was there as well and we went out to breakfast the first morning and went back to our rooms and vegged out. Thanksgiving we ate dinner at the hotel, we had their buffet. Let me tell you this was our first thanksgiving without either families and I was kinda homesick. But the dinner wasn't bad at all. The only thing I didn't have was pumpkin pie...sad I know! But now that I have gestation diabetes I have to watch my sugar intake and pumpkin pie wouldn't have been good. With this gestational diabetes it's hard to watch what I eat and have to check my sugar levels 2 hours after I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh and when I wake up in the morning. I don't wish this on anyone, so people you need to watch what you eat during your pregnancy. I wish I would have listened to my hubby when I first got pregnant but I indulged and ate everything. Oh well I'm learning now. I went to the doctor 2 days ago and my sugar is out of control, he said if I don't get it under control he's putting me on insulin. And I don't want that. So watching my sugar for 2 days now and it's all within the limits it should be, so I'm proud of myself and need to keep it up. I have less than 7 weeks of this pregnancy and don't want to be on insulin for the rest of it.

I put the bassinet and bouncer together last night while hubby was painting some things for the nursery. It's almost complete and I can't wait to show it off. I am so excited and it's making me more excited for baby to come. I just need a few more items before baby gets here and put the swing together and I'll be all set. I need to pack our bags for the hospital incase she shows up early and I'm prepared. And need to get car seat ready to put in car. I like to be prepared but sometimes I procrastinate, so we'll see how it goes :)

32 weeks...

32 weeks...8 weeks to go!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

31 Weeks

I am 9 weeks away from delivering this beautiful baby girl! I'm still in complete shock this is finally happening to us! And I've made it this far :)
I thank God everyday for this especially when she wiggles around in my belly and I can feel it and watch my belly move all around. It's amazing! We are so close to being done with the nursery I can't wait to show it off.
It is now hunting season and daddy is preparing to go hunting and we are going with him. It will be my last mini vacation and time off before you arrive! And this will be my first year missing Thanksgiving. This year I have so many things to be thankful for :)
Until next time everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!