Monday, May 27, 2013


Everyone told me when I first found out I was pregnant to watch how much I gain
The rule is no more than 30 lbs.
Well I was by no means skinny before pregnancy but with my 5'4 frame I knew I wasn't in the best of shape
I had gained over my entire pregnancy probably 70 lbs, no joke!
I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted
And than I got the bad news I had gestational diabetes
So I  had to check my sugar levels 2 hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner which kept me in check
I did cheat a few times and ate junk during my snacks because I knew I didn't have to check my sugar after that haha
But I am a diet pop person hardcore and had to give that up completely so I switched to regular pop which loaded on the calories
I craved junk food; cake, ice cream, donuts whatever was bad for you I wanted
I wanted nothing to do with fruits and veggies
After I had Savannah I lost 40 lbs in the first month, no problem. I was breastfeeding but only for the first 3 weeks. After that my milk stopped coming in because I was only pumping the first 10 days.
I have since been on Weight Watchers since March 4th, and have already lost 17 lbs.
I am now 11 lbs to my pre pregnancy weight.
But like I said before I wasn't in the best shape pre pregnancy so I am hoping to lose another 30 lbs on top of the 11 lbs. I want to be healthy
Not just for me but for my daughter
And since diabetes runs in my family I want to do my part and pray I don't get it
I have an elliptical in my basement and really, really wanted it but never used it
It was a dust collector more than anything
This past week I have used it the past 6 days and I craved it
I needed the exercise
I have only been using the elliptical for 20 mins but it's a start
The days I do the elliptical I have also been trying to take a walk outside, whether it's for 10 mins or 20 mins.
I know it took me 9 mths to put the weight on and it will take a while to get it off but I would like to be back in my pre pregnancy clothes
I still wear maternity pants to work and on occasion maternity shirts
And I'm ok with that
I did not take my pregnancy for granted as I know there are still women out there who wish they were in my place. My heart aches for them.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

4 months...

My oh my has time been flying by
My dear Savannah is now 4 months. Well as I write this she turned 4 months a few weeks ago but I'm a little  behind
In the last several weeks she has hit many milestones
She is doing full 360's in her pack and play and crib and almost rolling over
She can lift her feet to her mouth and chew on them
She grabs everything...and I mean everything
If her pacifier is sitting behind her she will grab it and put it in her mouth. She can also grab toys or whatever is within her reach
She's such a smarty pants
She had her first cold-congestion more like it...her nose was so stuffy and she could barely breathe
She is the sweetest little thing ever
Whenever I'm having a bad day at work I just look up at her pictures and it makes me smile
She is the calmest, patient baby I know
Everyone tells me how she's the perfect little baby, I love this and at the same times makes me nervous about having another
I've heard stories of how the first one is great and the second one is horror
But we will see as time goes on what happens. I'm not ready for #2 yet as I am enjoying time with Savannah and want to enjoy every last second with her

Mother's Day was last weekend and every year before this year was the hardest for me
I really didn't want to do anything special but at church they have baby dedications and this time it was on mother's day
So we had baby Savannah dedicated. It was the most special day for me.

Here she is in her beautiful little dress