Wednesday, August 7, 2013

7 months...

I've been thinking about this post for a few days now, trying to figure out what to say
My Savannah is 7 mths old today
I was thinking the other day of when she was born, what I went through with her in the hospital, and what I went through when she came home.
Especially when I was restless, exhausted and just irritated.
Sleepless nights, not taking a shower until 4 in the afternoon but being oh so blessed at the same time
I remember a few nights I was so frustrated because she wouldn't sleep when I tried everything I could think of and she was wide awake
I would look at her and ask her what's wrong and just break down
Now looking back I wonder how I got through that without having postpartum depression, or maybe I did and didn't realize that
Anyhow, I just wanted to say how much I am in love with this little girl
She has taught me how to open my heart and share it with another person in my life besides my husband
Who by the way, helped me a lot when she was a newborn. Especially being there for me even when I just needed a hug. Didn't want to talk, just needed a hug
Now he is the best father I always imagined him to be
Today my baby turns 7 mths old and she's getting so big, too fast!
She now officially rolls all the way over, she recently started sitting up straight back on her own. Before she would do the pod sitting as they call it. She stills isn't steady but were working on it :)
She can stand up if you hold her. If she tries holding onto something and standing up she falls over after a few minutes. Were working on this as well!
She is eating solids 1-2x a day. Were trying new foods every week.
Over the weekend she was really crabby, pulling on her ears, congested in the morning but would clear up in a few hours and I knew something was wrong. Went to pick her up on Tuesday and her tooth popped thru! I had a feeling she was teething but once that sucker popped thru she was her happy self again! Thank goodness!

taken last month for her 6 mth photo shoot :)