Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Savannah

I was contemplating on writing this because I know I'm going to cry through the whole thing This year has been a whirlwind of fun A year ago today it was a Sunday and a couple days before I knew I was going to go into labor I went Friday to the doctor for a check up and he wasn't there They still had to do an NST on me so I told the nurse the symptoms I was having I was having very bad lower back pain and she moved so far down it hurt so bad down there She called Dr White who happened to be in surgery at the time and he insisted I go direct to the hospital On my way there I was getting contractions so bad I had to pull over and call Kevin I swung by his work and picked him up and he drove me to the hospital They put me on the NST machine to check me I wasn't dilated and not going anywhere so after an hour they sent me home That weekend I was determined to do anything I could to go into labor Saturday I got up early and had the urge to clean all the closets in my house (that wasn't like me either) Sunday I went to church by myself, Kevin picked me up and we went shopping all day Sunday night was normal, went to bed on time and than at 3:45 I was sleeping but woke up suddenly I thought I was dreaming but my water breaking felt like a softball hitting me in the stomach so hard And the sound of it breaking was so weird, something I will never forget I ran to the bathroom to clean up and calling Kevin from the bathroom that my water broke and it was time to get up I will never forget this day, it would be the day my baby would arrive in this world Kevin let the dogs out, brushed our teeth, grabbed my bags and to the hospital we go At 4am in the morning the roads were empty so we made it to the hospital fairly quickly They admitted me and started hooking me up to machines At 6 am I got the epidural and felt great after that But at 7am they were practicing pushing with me and the epidural was so turned up I couldn't move my legs so the L&D doctor told the nurses to shut it off Within an hour the epidural weaned off and it was time to push as I was already dilated to 10 and at 8am I started pushing and in 49 minutes my precious miracle was out It was the most awesome thing I had ever experienced in my life I got to spend the next hour skin to skin with my baby Than every nurse and doctor in the hospital was in my room examining my baby it felt like she had a growth that we thought was a cyst but turned out to be a tumor At 3 days old she had to have surgery to have it removed as well as her tailbone As I reminisce over this past year, I can't believe how fast it went We have been through so much with her She spent the first 8 days of her life in the NICU without her mommy and daddy I spent the first 8 days of her life at home without my newborn, but was up in the NICU every second I could Within the her first year: she has gotten 10 teeth in already, she learned to crawl and walk, she says mama and dada, says hi and waves, she will give you open mouth wet kisses (which gives you the biggest smile no matter how wet they are), and loves just about everything and everyone. I seriously can't imagine my life without her She has also brought Kevin and I closer together, makes us spend more time together which I love Savannah, You are definitely the sunshine in our lives and we love you so, so much. There are no words that can explain my love for you. You are definitely a mama's girl right now but I know someday you will become a daddy's girl. You really love your daddy so much and love to sit and cuddle with him. You love your toys and all the lights and music. You met Santa for the first time and you didn't like him so much though. You didn't cry but was just about to when I picked you up off his lap. I am so looking forward to the many memories we will make as you get bigger and become more independent. Right now you are the baby in the family but your auntie Jessie is pregnant and you will have a new baby cousin in July 2014. We can't wait to meet him/her. And I know you will be a good cousin to them. I can't wait to see the young lady you will grow up to be. Love, Your momma